Chaplaincy & Specialized Ministries

Ministries in specialized settings

American Baptist chaplains and specialized minister serve in diverse and specialized settings standing on holy ground—in hospitals, prisons, pastoral counseling centers, colleges and universities, race tracks, military bases and churches. These faithful servants are called to speak words of comfort, provide support and share God’s love to transform the face of anguish to a countenance of peace. American Baptist chaplains and pastoral counselors, as well as campus ministers, minister to individuals, communities and institutions in our neighborhoods and communities, incarnating God’s presence during the most difficult and challenging situations and crises.

To maintain endorsement in good standing, endorsed American Baptist chaplains and specialized ministers are required to submit an annual report.

American Baptists may be qualified to apply for ecclesiastical endorsement.

A chaplaincy e-newsletter keeps American Baptist chaplains and pastoral counselors connected throughout the year; take a moment to review past issues for a sense of the passion chaplains bring to their ministry:

Chaplaincy e-newsletter 2019 archive: January
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Chaplaincy and Specialized Ministries
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