Co-Creators Incubator

The Co-Creators Incubator is a two-year integrative program for missional entrepreneurs that helps grow ministry ideas into viable ventures with a Christ-centered mission. The Incubator fosters a spirit of collegiality and collaboration amongst a cohort of Co-Creators, while providing them with resources to enhance and grow their ministries. In pursuit of partnership and sustainability, the Co-Creators Incubator will engage both the missional entrepreneurs as well as Creative Partners who may invest in the work of Co-Creators via financial or other means.

What is a Co-Creator?

An abundance of fresh ideas wafts through our churches. Innovative thinkers feverishly scribble ideas into notepads. Mission-minded leaders constantly discover new ways to impact their communities for good.

Co-Creators are mission-minded, creative, entrepreneurial people eager to put ideas into action. Co-Creators exist at many junctures in their journey — one might be ready to launch an idea or project while another is still in brainstorming mode.


involved in ministry (defined broadly)

Passionate about ministry


A fresh thinker

Willing to take risks





Engaged in work that fits within ABHMS missional framework

Willing to form a partnership with ABHMS and other ministry colleagues


Christian, but not necessarily American Baptist; willing to work with American Baptists

How exactly does this thing work? 

Through the Co-Creators Incubator, American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS) will bring together Co-Creators and Creative Partners to provide resources and support to nurture the growth of innovative ministry ideas.

Each Co-Creator will receive an initial seed grant and the opportunity to meet with the Co-Creator Cohort for two summits within the first year.

During the first Kickoff Summit, April 12-14, 2021, Co-Creators will be paired with mentors possessing expertise in entrepreneurship, theological framing, cultural competency, leadership development, program development, marketing, administration and law, and strategic partnerships. This time will be one of storytelling, collaboration and experimentation.

At the second Launch Summit, Oct. 18-19, 2021, Co-Creators will participate in Demo Day where they will pitch their ideas to Creative Partners who may choose to provide ongoing support and opportunities for partnership.

Why an Incubator?

It troubles us when we hear things like, The Church isn’t relevant anymore or There aren’t any new leaders.

It troubles us because it isn’t true. God’s work with and through God’s people persists; we may just need to assume a different vantage point. We believe Christian leadership has a vast definition and that ministry can – and often should – look different from how it has in the past. An abundance of fresh ideas wafts through our churches. Innovative thinkers feverishly scribble ideas into notepads. Mission-minded leaders constantly discover new ways to impact their communities for good.

God is planting seeds everywhere; we just need to look for them in some new places. The Co-Creators Incubator exists to water those seeds and help bring them to life.

Past Cohort

Rev. Rebecca W. Driscoll

American Baptist Churches USA Minister for Environmental Justice

The Minister for Environmental Justice seeks to develop, implement and enhance the presence of creation care ministries as a prophetic Christian witness to and for the protection of God’s creation.

Email: [email protected]

Tony Gapastione

BraveMaker Media and Film Festival

BraveMaker invests in filmmakers to tell their stories and gather audiences to engage in essential conversations on diversity, inclusion and justice.

Email: [email protected]

Aria M. Kirkland-Harris

Ministry Consultant and Retreat Facilitator

This faith-based consulting practice lives at the intersection of theological formation, collective economics and ministry innovation.

Email: [email protected]

Rev. Dr. Suzanne Kershaw

Empowering “Tools”

Empowering “Tools” seeks to train women and girls in basic home and automotive repair and maintenance.

Email: [email protected]

Rev. Dr. Rachael B. Lawrence

KinderSpirit Inc.

KinderSpirit Inc. merges the joy and activity of early childhood music-movement courses with meaningful Christian worship in which young children and parents can be themselves while building meaningful community together.

Email: [email protected]

Alyssa B. Vásquez

YouBelong LLC

YouBelong is a movement that uses consulting and technology to connect individuals to local church communities because no one should do life alone.

Get Involved!


Do you sense that is God up to something? Can’t get that crazy ministry idea out of your head? Are you thirsting for a laboratory to figure it all out? We’re here to help with that.

The application window is Nov.1-Dec. 7, 2020.

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Creative Partners

A Creative Partner is an organization, congregation, or individual with a passion for mission and ministry, committed to investing in innovative ministries, and willing to take risks and leaps of faith in their commitment to innovative ministries. Creative Partners are open minded and willing to be in partnership with ABHMS and Co-Creators.

Interested in learning more about becoming a Creative Partner?