The Justice Dialogues

Fearlessly confronting the issues of racism and intersectional injustice

The nation’s crisis related to racism and justice requires a collective response from people of faith and conscience.

That’s why American Baptist Home Mission Societies is gathering faith leaders and others passionate about justice to face these issues together and find a way forward.

We want to make this moment count. We want to make this the moment that change finally becomes real and tangible and not something we all just talk about.

Of course, none of us can do this work alone. So we are convening and connecting those already strategically engaged in addressing racism and intersectional injustice in the United States and Puerto Rico to: 

  • Engage in mutual spiritual discernment and support;
  • Construct a framework for allyship, action and meaningful dialogue;
  • Provide opportunities for sharing, listening and learning;
  • Identify available resources and those that need to be developed; and
  • Pursue opportunities for coalition building to increase the impact of efforts to dismantle and defeat racism and its intersectional injustices.
Please join with us! Sign up for updates, resources and event information.Together, we can be the change we want to see in the world.

News and resources from ABHMS

I Have A Right To Vote

One of the most important justice issues of these days is getting people to the polls in November. Inspire and motivate friends, family, congregations to cast their ballots with this video.