Disability Ministries

ABHMS recognizes people with disabilities as an integral part of Christian fellowship and ministry. Areas of concern and current issues include adequate access and accommodations in both church and public settings, employment, training, education, service, and mental health.


  • Putting Faith to Work. The Putting Faith to Work (PFTW) project empowers faith communities to support people with disabilities as they find and maintain employment aligned with their gifts, passions, and skills.
  • Pathways to Promise. Through training, consultation, liturgical and educational materials, program models, and assessments, Pathways to Promise encourages congregations to be welcoming and supportive caring communities for persons with mental health challenges and those who care for them.
  • Mental Health and Faith Community Partnership. A collaboration between psychiatrists and clergy, the Mental Health and Faith Community Partnership aims to foster dialogue between two fields, reduce stigma, and account for medical and spiritual dimensions as people seek care. Convened by the American Psychiatric Association and the Interfaith Disability Advocacy Coalition, the partnership developed the following resources for faith leaders, which can be downloaded from this site:
    • Mental Health: A Guide for Faith Leaders. This guide provides information to help faith leaders work with members of their congregations and their families who are facing mental health challenges.
    • Quick Reference Guide. View the quick reference on Mental Health for Faith Leaders, a companion to the Guide.
  • Grounded in Faith: Resources on Mental Health and Gun Violence. A compendium of resources to be used by congregational leaders, disability advocates and other concerned persons who wish to ensure that the ongoing debate on gun safety does not stigmatizing people with mental illness or deprive them of their rights and freedoms.

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To learn more about our Disability Ministries, contact Curtis Ramsey-Lucas.