Cultivating leaders

Strong leaders advance the mission of faith communities

American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS) is committed to developing strong Christian leaders who are culturally and spiritually competent, in touch with their churches and communities, and passionate about ministry and helping people.

Highly developed, strong leaders advance the mission of their faith communities and organizations with resilience and productivity. What’s more, in the course of their work, they cultivate and inspire more leaders, exponentially increasing their reach and effectiveness.

As part of this ministry emphasis, the Cultivating Leaders team examines trends in leadership development, monitors the latest technology that supports well-equipped leaders, and continually asks the question: What do leaders need to continue evolving and growing?

This information provides the foundation for development of ABHMS’ high-quality resources and training that supports leaders seeking to strengthen their congregations, communities and regions. ABHMS supports leaders across a diverse spectrum—from developing resources specifically targeted to strengthening women in ministry to helping leaders think beyond church walls to connect with emerging generations.

Currently, ABHMS leadership development resources include American Baptist Personnel Services, which assists ministry professionals seeking service opportunities, and Chaplaincy and Pastoral Counseling Ministries, the network of 600-plus American Baptist chaplains and pastoral counselors endorsed for the denomination through the Home Mission Societies.

A growing network of passionaries passionately committed to following their sense of call offers ways to connect with other Christians for sharing encouragement and inspiration, and Intercultural Ministries’ resources help congregations and individuals develop cultural awareness and sensitivity for building a just and inclusive church.

Scholarships for college students and seminarians as well as continuing education grants awarded to clergy and other ministry professionals for enhancing ministry skills also support the development of strong American Baptist leaders.

In addition, leadership materials are available from ABHMS’ publishing ministry, Judson Press, on topics ranging from African-American issues, Christian living, Christian education and Baptist history and beliefs to church leadership, Bible study, preaching, pastoral ministry and discipleship.