Cultivating Leaders

  • American Baptist Personnel Services—a computer-based system that assists ministry professionals seeking opportunities to serve congregations and denominational entities
  • Chaplaincy and Specialized Ministries—American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS) serves as the endorsing agent for American Baptist chaplains and pastoral counselors
  • Education and Scholarships—educational opportunities that nurture personal and professional growth of American Baptist students and ministry leaders
  • Intercultural Ministries—resources and training that foster sharing and learning across cultures as an essential part of life together in Jesus Christ
  • Passionary Movement—passionaries share the grace of God day in and day out as they answer the call to grow in discipleship and work for justice

Equipping Disciples

  • The Christian Citizen—ABHMS’ magazine that focuses on justice issues, offering suggestions for personal witness and action
  • Church Transformation—resources and training that encourage “missional” churches which develop ministries reaching into neighborhoods and communities outside their walls
  • Evangelism—the first step in disciplemaking, because winning souls is much more than cultivating decisions for Christ
  • Workshops for Church Life and Leadership—small group learning opportunities for encouraging growth in spirituality, discipleship and leadership
  • In Support of Excellence—a financial-empowerment program for pastors and lay leaders

Healing Communities

  • Disability Ministries—exploring ways to increase sensitivity to and awareness of ministry with persons with disabilities
  • Disaster Response—providing financial assistance through One Great Hour of Sharing gifts to meet immediate needs of disaster victims for food, clothing, shelter and medical care
  • Prisoner Re-entry and Aftercare—tools and resources to launch and support church prison ministries
  • Immigration and Refugee Resettlement—resources and services for immigrant and refugee communities as well as host congregations
  • Rizpah’s Children—encouraging and equipping American Baptist response to the needs of children in poverty through ministries of caring and prophetic justice
  • Mobilizing Volunteers—opportunities for individual and group mission experiences through summer service and specialized projects
  • Community Outreach Ministries—more than a dozen and a half of these centers across the United States and Puerto Rico offer ministries developed to meet specific needs of children and families in their communities
  • The Penny Project—raising awareness of the extent of child poverty throughout the United States and Puerto Rico by collecting 14 million pennies, representing the number of U.S. children living in poverty
  • Socially Responsible Investing—shaping a global economy built on justice and sustainability through use of investor influence to transform the corporate world

Judson Press

Daily devotions, Sunday school and small study group curricula and books connecting leadership, discipleship and justice are available from Judson Press, ABHMS’ publishing ministry. Topics include Baptist identity and beliefs, preaching and pastoral ministry, Bible study and  spiritual formation, Christian living and church leadership, stewardship and social justice. A leader in titles published for African-American Christians, Judson Press offers books for Asian American and Hispanic readers as well.