Ministry opportunities listings

The Ministry Opportunities (MO) listing online service publishes available employment opportunities within American Baptist Churches USA (ABCUSA) as reported by American Baptist regions and other national and ecumenical organizations. Each posting provides information about the church, or organization, and the community in which the position is located, as well as any additional information provided by the region, such as a church’s Web site.

Currently the online MO service reports more than half of the known vacancies in churches having at least 100 resident members, while also listing, when reported, churches of smaller size. If you are listed in the Professional Registry of the American Baptist Churches, and/or have a current American Baptist Personnel Services Profile, you are eligible to subscribe to the Ministry Opportunities service.

Click HERE or on Frequently Asked Questions under ABPS Ministries Opportunities Listing for more information.

Limitations on the Service:

All MO church listings are confidential and limited to subscriber’s use only.  To obtain information or express interest in a particular position call or e-mail the individual CONTACT person listed on the MO listing.  Replication of any MO information will result in the termination of the subscriber’s subscription.