Valoria L. Cheek, Esq.

As president/CEO of The American Baptist Extension Corporation (ABEC), Valoria L. Cheek, Esq., is excited about ABEC’s ability to help churches through loans, investments and facilities planning. An investment in ABEC helps make ministry dreams come true for churches and organizations throughout the mainland United States and Puerto Rico.

ABEC loans fund the following: acquisition of property; purchase or construction of new church buildings; additions to existing church buildings; construction of daycare centers, senior centers and camps; and improvement of campuses. Loans are also available to make buildings more energy efficient or accessible so that all may worship.

In addition to her work with ABEC, Cheek serves part time as general counsel for American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS). The latter covers a broad array of legal issues, including contracts, property, governance and employment, all in furtherance of the ABHMS mission.


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