Benjamin T. Sullivan

Rev. Ben Sullivan is uniquely qualified for his role as American Baptist Home Mission Societies’ mission liaison for Native American Ministries. A Native American and preacher’s son, Sullivan grew up at a Kiowa American Baptist church, attended many Native American Ministries events, and participated in mission outreach with his grandparents on the Hopi Indian Reservation.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in Native American Studies at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, Chickasha, and was employed by the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma. In addition, he serves as executive director of the Christian Center of Anadarko, Okla.

“I have a passion and a calling to preach the gospel of Jesus, and I have a love for Native people because they truly are my family,” he says. “The challenges that Native American people face today and the atrocities that they have suffered in the past break my heart. I believe that the answer continues to be the love of Jesus.”

Sullivan seeks to develop and implement ABHMS’ vision, mission and strategy to cultivate Native American leaders, equip Native American disciples, and heal and transform Native American communities.

“My vision is to bring restoration to the family and continue to build the body of Christ—the church,” he says. “My mission is to create favorable circumstances for people to know Jesus Christ, then to know who they are and to live their lives in Him.”


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