Jennifer J. Benton

As marketing strategy coordinator, Jennifer Benton combines her church marketing acumen and skills developed through longtime church involvement. “My primary goal is to use my experience and expertise to help Christian creatives and ministries succeed at using technology to advance the Kingdom of God,” she says.

Jennifer sees herself thriving at ABHMS because she can work with purpose and share the gospel in fun and creative ways. The thing that excites her the most in her role is the psychological aspect of marketing, in particular the challenge of persuading people to buy into a brand.

Jennifer has extensive experience working with churches and religious organizations. Her previous positions include director of marketing and communications, social media coach/contributor, media director and Instagram strategist. She has also earned Meta’s prestigious Facebook certification.

In her free time, Jennifer enjoys reading, listening to music, cooking and entertaining. She loves celebrating the winter holidays and baking cookies with her kids.





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