Marie Onwubuariri

As director of Intercultural Ministries for American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS), Rev. Dr. Marie Onwubuariri is enthusiastic about continuing ABHMS’s historic commitment to relevant ministry within ethnic- and language-specific communities while also raising the attentiveness and ability of all leaders and disciples to engage in transformative work in an increasingly multicultural and multiracial society.

She says, “Transformative work that reflects the fullness of God comes through a life-long journey that includes all of God’s people. This shared journey requires commitment and intentionality by those who are privileged and/or positioned to shape the journey for others to remove all human-made barriers that limit each person’s engagement in the work and contribution to the transformation.”

Her hope is to lead a team who will walk alongside racialized, immigrant, refugee, and language-specific leaders and faith communities, identifying and engaging their particular mission and ministry perspectives, gifts, and needs, and who also will work collaboratively with others to raise the importance of and equip toward effective leadership in cross-, inter-, and multi- racial and cultural contexts.




Phone: 610.768.2464

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