Jennifer L. Sanborn

Now the National Coordinator of Learning Initiatives, Jennifer Sanborn joined ABHMS in 2019 to provide leadership to the Lilly Endowment-funded program called “In Support of Excellence,” which offered financial education and debt-relief grants to ministry leaders. She enthusiastically transitioned to the Center for Continuous Learning when it was launched in the summer of 2021. “While there are many educational programs that can provide practical guidance on matters like our personal and shared finances,” she says, “only an organization like ABHMS will embrace exploring the spiritual dimension of these topics.”

Jennifer worked in higher education for more than twenty-five years, at times also serving as an American Baptist pastor. She loves learning, whether in such formal environments as colleges, universities, and seminaries, or in community- and church-based education programs, peer-to-peer learning in work or volunteer settings, and the meaningful lessons passed through the generations of a family.

Jennifer is also a coach trained by the Clergy Leadership Institute. She enjoys encouraging ministry leaders to set goals with input and support from experts as well as from those they seek to serve. “And singing!” she adds. “Everything is better learned when we’re singing!”


Phone: 610.768.2416

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