Dr. Alonzo B. Patterson Jr.

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Alaska is still an important mission field for American Baptists, according to Dr. Alonzo B. Patterson Jr., American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS) coordinator of Alaska Ministries. “We welcome the support of churches and individuals,” he says. “Alaska Ministries is committed to hosting missionaries and mission tour groups.” Patterson describes Alaska as the “land of opportunity” for evangelism.

But there are some unique challenges to be faced. “Our winter weather and the long distances between some towns can make communication and fellowship among churches difficult,” says Patterson. “Some of our congregations are in remote locations not even accessible by roads.”

In his coordinating role, Patterson supports the work of American Baptist churches and ministries throughout the state. “I serve as a pastor to the pastors,” he explains. “And I help to develop and train new leadership for ministry in this setting.” In addition to educational responsibilities, Patterson also is charged with general administration and oversight of mission development in Alaska.

“When working on evangelism and church planting, we have to think differently here,” Patterson explains. “We are working on a small cell group model that would allow several families to worship together regularly without traveling long distances.” A system to tie the cell groups together is being developed.

Patterson describes Matthew 6:33 as his sustaining verse. “The Bible tells us to seek the kingdom of God first, and then all these things shall be added,” he says. “In ministry, there are no limits except the ones we set for ourselves.”

Alonzo Patterson is married to Shirley Patterson. They are the parents of five adult children.


  • D.Div., American Bible Institute, Kansas
  • B.A. in Psychology, University of Alaska, Anchorage


  • Pastor, Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, Anchorage
  • Pastor, Corinthian Baptist Church, Fairbanks, Alaska
  • Chair, Martin Luther King Foundation of Alaska
  • Chair, Alaska State Board of Parole


  • Became coordinator of Alaska Ministries in November 1996
  • Ordained: 1960
  • Commissioned an American Baptist home missionary: 1999
  • Birthday: Nov. 5


  • Less than 20 percent of Alaskans are churched.
  • Thirteen American Baptist churches and ministries currently serve the diverse people of Alaska.
  • American Baptists are invited to become a part of the Alaska ministry through mission group tours.
  • To learn more about Alaska Ministries, contact Dr. Alonzo Patterson at [email protected] or call (907) 278-5014.