Rachael Lawrence

As senior editor for Judson Press, the Rev. Dr. Rachael Lawrence hopes to identify and highlight works that are highly relevant to the spiritual and intellectual needs of the faithful, as well as for those who are seeking.

“I’d like to see us engage in some of the important challenging questions of our day, in ways that engage a diverse readership,” Lawrence says.

She’s excited, she says, for the opportunity to help shape and highlight the important work of others and bring it to the broader church community.

“As ministry changes and adapts to meet the demands of our dynamic world,” she notes, “the printed word remains as vital to supporting the work of the faithful as ever.”

Lawrence seeks to ensure that engaging ideas are expressed clearly and presented professionally.

“As an editor, I feel my job is to help authors look their best,” she says. “Connecting this with a sense of call in the church deepens this value that I carry into my editing practice.”


Phone: 610.768.2016

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