The Christian Citizen

What is Truth?

March 2017

Seek justice
By Curtis Ramsey-Lucas


What is truth?
By John Burns


Remembering What We Believe
By Daniel M. Cash & Willam H. Griffith


My refugee experience
By the Rev. Steven D. Martin 

What’s Sunday school got to do with Betsy Devos?
By the Rev. Cassandra Carkuff Williams, ED.D.


The long way around
By the Rev. Susan Sparks

Reforms to the safety net for families who can work
By Angela Rachidi
(To be published on 3/24)

Is God judging us too?
By Karyn Carlo
(To be published on 3/24)

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Editorial: Politics and polarization
By Curtis Ramsey-Lucas

No time for silence
By the Rev. Dr. Amy K. Butler

President Trump and the perils of another Post-Reconstruction era
By the Rev. Dr. Marvin A. McMickle

On Being the Church of Jesus in the Age of Trump
By the Rev. LeDayne McLeese Polaski

Religious liberty: More or less?
By J. Brent Walker

Discipleship: Growing in spiritual health and missional faithfulness
By the Rev. Dr. Marilyn P. Turner-Triplett

Easing election fears: Local therapists say acknowledging, reassuring are keys to easing anxiety
By Marilyn Campbell

An Open Letter to white Evangelical America
By the Rev. Dr. Harold Dean Trulear

Transcending barriers
By the Rev. Dr. John Wilson

Despite the cacophony against “them”
By the Rev. Jerrod H. Hugenot

Connecting with Mission & Ministry

Print Vol. 1, 2016

Editorial: What is Your Occupation?
By Curtis Ramsey-Lucas

An Interview with Dr. Jeffrey Haggray: Strategic Conversations Fine-tune ABHMS’ Vision of Mission
By Susan Gottshall

Reflection as a Vital Discipline in the Life of Christian Leaders
Debora Jackson

Chaplaincy and Pastoral Counseling Ministries
By Kristina D. Helton-Moeller

Called to Serve, Equipped to Succeed
By Jeffery Johnson

ABHMS in Partnership with Ministerial Leaders
By Diane Sypherd

Future Church
By Glynis LaBarre

By Salvador Orellana

CECALI XXI (Spanish)
By Salvador Orellana 

Healthy Children, Healthy Communities
By Lisa Harris-Lee

Healing Spaces
By Fela Barrueto

The Changing Face of Newcomers: Immigration and Refugee Resettlement Ministry
By Brenda Halliburton-Williams

The Expanding Role of Asian Ministries
By Florence Li

The Potentially Explosive Power of Equality and Diversity
By Douglas Avilesbernal

From Heartbreak to God’s Victory
By Harvey Stewart

Found Money: Starting Mission with Limited Resources
By Brian Hastings

Finding Hope through Disaster
By Denise Gratzel

Nurturing Discipleship in Christian Community
By Cassandra Williams

Tangible Grace in Real Relationships
By Denise Janssen

A peace-making offensive
By The Rev. Dr. Jeffrey HaggrayHope, healing during the ‘worst of times’
By The Rev. Dr. Marvin A. McMickleWeeping blood (Genesis 4:1–10)
By the Rev. Wendell GriffenDeafening silence: The ongoing genocide of Native Americans
By The Rev. Dr. Cassandra WilliamsEquality in diversity
By The Rev. Douglas Avilesbernal On listening to one another
By The Rev. G. Travis Norvell For the healing of a nation: trauma, grief, keys to wholeness
By The Rev. Dr. W. Kenneth WilliamThe mass incarceration of people with disabilities in America’s jails, prisons
By Rebecca VallasWhat would it take to improve police interactions with people with disabilities?
By Curtis Ramsey-LucasPyschologist: Church can act as healing agent in midst of crisis
By Dr. Sally Quiñones-RodríguezEnd police killing of innocent Black lives: A statement from Barnabas Partners

Individual spirituality at the expense of seeking God’s will for those on the margins
By Rev. Harold Dean Trulear, Ph.D.

Journey toward bold
By Rev. Marie Onwubuariri

Wala Hiya (No Shame)
By Rev. Marie Onwubuariri

It’s our time to move
By Rev. Susan Sparks

Be angry but do not sin
By Rev. Dr. Cheryl F. Dudley