Judson Press book reveals power of Holy Communion to unify Christian community

VALLEY FORGE, PA (ABNS 7/15/17)—What can Christians do to cultivate the common bond that we share and to unite the people of God? According to Neville Callam, noted educator, theologian, ecumenist, pastor and retiring general secretary of Baptist World Alliance, we must discover the power of the Eucharist.

In his new book, “From Fragmentation to Wholeness: Race, Ethnicity, and Communion,” Callam examines the impact race and ethnicity often have in causing division in the church. He also examines how the rite of the Lord’s Supper (Eucharist) offers an opportunity for a shared identity in the midst of our diversity, through fellowship in the body of Christ and unification and inclusiveness in the Christian community.

“’From Fragmentation to Wholeness’ is an urgently needed volume of profound reflection on the untapped power of Holy Communion as a force for reconciliation, healing and wholeness in the church and community,” states Dr. Jeffrey Haggray, executive director of American Baptist Home Mission Societies. “Rarely in recent Baptist life has a global leader of Callam’s distinction and intellect, blended this peculiar caliber of theological, pastoral, ecumenical and activist reflection into such an informative, compelling and accessible treatise. The church now has a fascinating new resource to accelerate our mission reach into the world.”

This timely book explores:

  • race — a manufactured diversity and the sin of racism;
  • ethnicity — the borders used to establish exclusion;
  • communion — as a way to celebrate inclusive community; and
  • Caribbean theology — as a model for overcoming fragmentation by affirming imago dei across the multiple ethnic identities of the region.

Callam journeys through God’s Word, encouraging Christians to cultivate the common bond that we share and to unite as the people of God.

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