Jeffrey Johnson’s revised ‘Got Style? Personality-Based Evangelism’ builds on acclaimed original release

VALLEY FORGE, PA (06/13/2024)—Judson Press author Jeffrey A. Johnson has penned a revised edition of his transformative “Got Style? Personality-Based Evangelism,” once again crafting an insightful and practical guide to help individuals discover and leverage their unique approach to effectively communicating their faith.

Judson Press title "Got Style?"

Judson Press title “Got Style?: Personality-Based Evangelism, Revised Edition.”

The original 2009 release of “Got Style?” received high praise from readers and faith leaders alike for helping to demystify the process of faith-sharing, making it accessible to individuals of all personality types. The latest version continues this tradition, incorporating new insights and strategies to reflect an evolving landscape of faith-based communication.

The revamped “Got Style?” also includes the popular “Discover Your Style” inventory, a tool designed to identify personality traits. By understanding their traits, readers can learn how to leverage their inherent strengths to invite others into a faith relationship, making evangelism more accessible and enjoyable.

Drawing on nearly four decades in professional ministry, coupled with the practical experience gained as a husband, father and mentor, Johnson brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to consulting, coaching and writing. As a result, “Got Style?” has become a cornerstone for those wishing to engage in faith-sharing without conforming to a single, stereotypical “evangelist” personality.

For anyone looking to deepen their impact in their faith community, whether a seasoned evangelist or someone new to sharing their faith who wants to proceed with authenticity and confidence, the revised edition of “Got Style?” is a must-read.

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