National program directors discuss ABHMS’ new ministry model: Kristy Moeller

The Rev. Kristina Moeller, director of Chaplaincy and Specialized Ministries at American Baptist Home Mission Societies, discusses the ministry’s significance.

Q.: What services does Chaplaincy and Specialized Ministries provide?

A.: We endorse those who are seeking endorsement, especially in support of board certification with the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education. We connect our chaplains all over the United States and overseas to each other and to partners who work in like-minded ministries. We present about chaplaincy and endorsement in seminary classes. We strive to create synergy and life-giving relationships among our chaplains, pastoral counselors, spiritual directors, campus ministers—all those who work in specialized ministry settings.

Q.: What does the ministry seek to accomplish?

A.: We seek to accomplish three things: to connect chaplains and endorsees to each other and to partners; to cultivate their ability to make more of an impact in their communities by sharing resources and connecting them to learning opportunities that will increase their competencies; and to help them do ministry better.

Q.: Why is the ministry important?

A.: Many endorsees exist in areas where we don’t have churches. We can grow them and connect them to one another, so we’re really growing our denomination outside of the church. And we’re helping them to create networks that are life-giving and help them with their resilience as they minister.

Q.: What’s most exciting about the ministry?

A.: What’s really exciting is to help those called by God to do ministry to do it better and with more capabilities and resources.