National program directors discuss ABHMS’ new ministry model: Brenda Halliburton-Williams

The Rev. Dr. Halliburton-Williams, director of American Baptist Home Mission Societies’ Intercultural Ministries, shares her excitement for the ministry.

Q.: What is Intercultural Ministries?

A.: We’re looking at Intercultural Ministries in a new way—specifically, how to reach a diverse, global and changing society. One of the challenges is that the new, global mission field is often splintered across lines of race, culture, gender, age, ethnicity, language and many other factors. The staff of Intercultural Ministries is energized and ready to look at ways that we can cultivate a community of leaders who are interculturally competent, who are ready to find ways to shift and adapt cultural behaviors and knowledge so that all might be welcome and a part of the Kingdom.

Q.: What’s exciting about the ministry?

A.: We have an opportunity to reach well beyond the communities that we traditionally serve. We have an opportunity to engage persons for the call of Christ in ways that we haven’t before. It’s exciting to think about all of us coming together as the Beloved Community in action—as a global community in action—able to do together much more than we could do individually.

Q.: Why is the ministry important?

A.: In a world where we see our diversity often become a barrier, we, as the members of the body of Christ, now have an opportunity to show the world how to bring down those barriers. We have an opportunity now to bring about justice as the Beloved Community.