Murrow Indian Children’s Home ministers to Native American children for more than 100 years

Founded by an American Baptist, Murrow Indian Children’s Home, Muskogee, Okla., has been providing care to Native American children with support from American Baptist Home Mission Societies and its predecessor organizations for more than a century. The mission of the home is to provide a safe, nurturing environment, spiritual foundation and cultural experiences to Native American children.

Under the leadership of Executive Director Betty R. Martin, the home ensures that Native American children and teens are cared for and given the tools needed to continue growing and transitioning into adulthood, with the additional help of tribal and community services.

“We want to help them figure their life out so that they can be successful out on their own,” Martin says.

Resources available to the children include:  

  •  Accommodations for special needs;  
  • Therapy sessions;  
  • Weekly tutoring; 
  • College visits and SAT preparation; 
  • Learning financial literacy, how to buy a car and choose insurance; 
  • Guidance on renting an apartment; 
  • Parenting classes for teen parents; and  
  • Transitional cottages with minimal supervision to promote independence.  

children from Murrow Children's HomeCurrently serving 21 children, the home has the capacity to house 36 children with the hiring of additional staff. Sibling groups are accepted, allowing continuation of family dynamics.  

How can you support the home?  

 The home’s gift shop–Soaring Eagle–allows visitors to buy authentic and traditional art, household items, clothing, jewelry, shoes and games. Most items are made by locals; others are supplied by various Native American organizations. A few of the Murrow children have also created items for the shop. All proceeds fund the Murrow Home Transition Program, which serves Murrow teenagers and expecting mothers. 

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