Judson Press’ Secret Place customers receive prayer via telephone

When customers of The Secret Place—Judson Press’ 81-year-old daily devotional publication—call the publishing organization’s Customer Service department, they receive more than a friendly voice confirming their order. They receive prayer from Loretta Beach, Judson Press customer engagement associate and a minister at Siloam Baptist Church, Norristown, Pa. In addition, Beach asks for permission to share the prayer requests with her church for further prayer.

The Secret Place, Beach says, lends itself to needing or wanting prayer. So she takes the first step in asking what a customer’s needs are—especially important during this uncertain time marked by the COVID-19 pandemic and racial unrest.

Says Beach: “They’ll ask, ‘Does ABHMS have a prayer ministry?’ I’ll say, ‘I will put you on our prayer list, but would you like me to pray with you now?’”

No customer has ever refused prayer, she adds.

Many Secret Place customers, she notes, are the eldest of the elders. They are often alone—especially during this time of quarantine.

“They’re hurting, scared, stressed out, going through so many emotions, and I may be the only person they hear that day,” she says. “The Word says we should pray for one another. My job is to be a connection with the Lord, to be a friend and a voice on the other end of the phone.”

Judson Press is the publishing ministry of American Baptist Home Mission Societies.

To order The Secret Place, visit judsonpress.com or call the Customer Service department at 1-800-458-3766.