AFC-supported program trains missionally minded leaders

Can a declining congregation, with limited finances and no pastoral leadership become once again engaged in community mission? American Baptist Churches of Wisconsin (ABC of WI) believes it can and, thus, has begun to use “Mission From the Gospels,” a missional leadership training program initially developed in Wisconsin in collaboration with American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS). The program is supported by the America for Christ Offering.

“Often in declining congregations, leadership falls to leaders who are open to very low pay, who often then have other jobs to balance and/or have limited experience in successfully leading a congregation,” says the Rev. Sam Brink, minister of Church Resources for ABC of WI. “It’s our hope that we can reverse the trend in decline in leadership and mission through a collaborative effort among specifically trained leaders and invested congregations going skillfully beyond superficial challenges to the heart of the missional demands of the gospel.”

“Mission From the Gospels,” Brink points out, has helped the region to address a void in church leadership by creating a resource pool of missionally focused leaders. He notes that additional training is being provided via consultants, regional ministry staff and, where appropriate, Central Wisconsin Seminary.

ABC of WI believes it has found a way to connect missionally gifted leaders with congregations searching for a return to mission engagement in their communities. Through collaboration with ABHMS, regional ministry and local congregations, a growing pool of missionally trained leaders is being developed.

Gifts to America for Christ help to fund this important missional ministry.