AFC-supported leadership training makes a difference

Supported by American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS) through the America for Christ (AFC) Offering, Nehemiah Leadership Network (NLN) is a unique and highly effective ministry that provides leadership development and training for pastors.

Now in its 15th year, NLN provides a powerful growth experience to the best and most promising pastors in American Baptist life to equip them to be effective leaders of change.

“The Nehemiah Network is wonderfully crafted to help us tap into ourselves and critically engage our call and commitment to be effective in the context in which we serve,” says NLN graduate the Rev. Rodger Harris Jr., pastor of Mt. Hermon Baptist Church, Irvington, N.J. “NLN has greatly aided in my transformation as an effective pastor and servant of Christ. I thank God for the vision of my American Baptist family that has made this process of growth possible. I’m a better man and pastor for this experience.”

During the intensive, three-year NLN journey, each pastor does the following:

  • identifies a set of learning goals and actions for his or her own leadership growth;
  • meets regularly with a colleague-group of three to five NLN pastors, under the guidance of a mentor/coach; and
  • participates in a four-day annual learning conference, featuring prominent speakers on themes related to leading change.

NLN has graduated more than 75 pastors since 2004, and more than 30 pastors are currently enrolled in the program.

Your contributions to the AFC Offering make NLN and so many other crucial ministries possible. Together, we are building vital churches that are better equipped to engage our world with the transforming power of the Gospel.