ABHMS plays role in recent Latino Baptist youth gathering in New York

American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS) played a part when the National Hispanic Caucus held its first Latino youth conference—First National Latino Baptist Youth Gathering—Jan. 14 and 15 at Misión Bautista Hispana de Westchester, White Plains, N.Y.

The gathering was attended by approximately 70 youth and young adults aged 16-35 from San Francisco, Maryland, New York, Connecticut and Puerto Rico. ABHMS provided $6,000 in grants so that the Unión de Jóvenes Bautistas de Puerto Rico (Baptist Youth Union of Puerto Rico) could attend the event.

On Saturday, Abigail Medina Betancourt, ABHMS’ Intercultural Ministries Strategist, presented three sessions of a workshop about obedience called “oWedience: Are We Willing to Follow God’s Will?”

She used scripture to help answer such questions as, “Why is it important to obey God’s will?” “What is the will of God?” “How do I know the will of God?” and “How do I distinguish between my will and God’s?”

Participant Fabiana García Calo, 18, of Church of the City, New London, Conn., said she enjoyed the event, naming worship as her favorite part.

“This event is important because it gives young people an opportunity to worship God in a different setting and allows them to meet young people from different regions,” Calo said. “Also, the event helps connect us as one body in Christ.”

Unión de Jóvenes Bautistas de Puerto Rico led the youth gathering’s worship on both days. In addition, they led Saturday evening worship in Spanish at Church of the City, where they held a Spanish program for the church’s children on Sunday.

“It was an honor for ABHMS to be able to sponsor the youth of Puerto Rico in their mission trip and to be able to offer a workshop in Spanish,” said Betancourt. “We are committed to supporting the Latino youth ministry across the nation and Puerto Rico.”