ABHMS’ Center for Continuous Learning launches website

American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS) will formally launch its new Center for Continuous Learning (CCL) in September with a ribbon cutting and a full lineup of educational offerings. Meanwhile, for the summer and what is hoped to be the waning days of the pandemic, CCL’s website is launching in June.

CCL is a hub for practical mission education, committed to empowering God’s people for today’s real-life challenges. Seeking to equip leaders as disciples, to make disciples into leaders, and to train God’s people to fulfill their ministry passions, CCL features interactive, intercultural and incarnational learning experiences that respond to current trends in leadership training, critically engage the cultural moment for healing and justice, and intentionally innovate mission education with emerging generations.

“The Center for Continuous Learning offers exciting opportunities to deliver quality ABHMS training and education in new and dynamic ways,” says Rebecca Irwin-Diehl, director of the CCL. “The website is a powerful learning platform that can host live events, on-demand webinars and cohort-based trainings.”

A constantly evolving educational community, CCL offers new live and on-demand learning experiences monthly, in preparation for the launch of a full catalog of course offerings in academic year 2021-22.