Create an Endowment

Of all forms of giving, endowments create legacy gifts that span generations, resulting in investments that often make the most impact. An endowment is an investment made by today’s donors that benefits individuals and institutions in the future.

How an endowment fund works
In an endowment fund, the principal is invested in perpetuity and only a portion of the investment’s earnings are utilized to fund ministries. The endowment becomes a long-term funding source for whatever a donor wishes to achieve with his or her philanthropy. Endowments may be restricted or unrestricted, depending upon the endowment’s direction and the inclusion of a designation for the endowment income’s use.

ABHMS’ endowment—The Common Investment Fund—is made up of many individual endowed funds, managed to produce earnings that support churches, students and programs as designated by the donor.

For a minimal gift of $50,000, you can create an institutional or individual endowment in consultation with ABHMS’ offices of Development, Finance and Investments or the American Baptist Foundation.

If you are interested in an endowment for your church or institution, or if you want to move your current endowment to ABHMS’ Common Investment Fund, contact Gina Haas, Director of Investments, at 610.768.2404 or

If you are an individual donor and want to create an endowment, please contact Vincent W. Dent Sr., chief development officer, at 610.768.2420 or