Mission from the Gospels

What is God doing today?

We believe God is doing some wonderful things in many faith communities as the vision of the kingdom of God expands from inside church facilities to the world that lies at the churches’ doorsteps. We are seeing lives being changed and more people coming to discover the power of Christ that flows around us. However, we are also seeing that with newfound engagement by faith communities come newfound challenges and questions. Uncertainty of direction on the part of churches is not unusual in changing contexts; therefore, faith communities are beginning to ask for a biblically based resource to help guide them into new and sometimes uncharted territories of mission‐service. Hearing reports of God’s work outside of the walls of church buildings, faith communities are eager to take the first steps toward missional engagement in their neighboring communities.

What is Mission from the Gospels?

Created via the partnership of American Baptist Home Mission Societies and American Baptist Churches of Wisconsin, Mission from the Gospels is a Bible study with a twist—a missional twist—intended to encourage your faith community to become engaged in the missional activities of God. Filled with helpful insights into the present and active Spirit of God at work in the world, the Gospels continue to speak to faith communities in the 21st century. Let this resource help you to put on missional glasses and encounter the historic Gospels and Acts in a new way, hearing God’s invitation to follow Jesus into mission in your neighboring communities.

Who can participate?

This resource is intended for small groups, such as a Christian education class, home Bible study group or youth group.

What is expected?

This resource works best in a weekly meeting that allows 45 to 90 minutes for study and interaction. Weekly assignments should be done by participants in advance. Try to read the Gospel for each unit in one sitting; it’s valuable to see the whole scope of each Gospel before looking at any particular passage. Your group should attempt to explore and engage with your neighboring communities during the course of study. Suggested activities for exploration and engagement are provided at the end of each week’s lesson.

How do we get started?

View the overview of the sessions to determine whether Mission from the Gospels is right for your group. Before you dive into the sessions, peruse the graphics key; it explains the graphics that appear throughout the study to highlight activities and information. If you have any questions before or after you begin the study, please contact the Rev. Dr. Ronald H. Carlson, ABHMS’ missional church strategist, at [email protected].