Missional church transformation

Congratulations! You have been chosen

You have been chosen to live during the most accelerated rate of change in human history. Human knowledge is doubling every two years. Think for a moment of all the ways life has changed in the last 50 years—in communication, technology, medicine, science, culture and the development of a global economy. How has all this change affected the church?

Five decades ago, eight out of 10 Americans got up on Sunday morning and went to Christian worship. Today, fewer than two out of 10 Americans attend worship on any average Sunday. What changed? Everything!

As Christians we believe that the gospel message of Jesus is good news for every era, and we know that the church has adjusted to every new challenge in each new generation. How will the church respond to today’s challenge?

Missional church is a growing movement throughout America in response to this time of change. A missional church is “an authentic community of faith that primarily directs its ministry focus outward toward the context in which it is located and to the broader world beyond.”

We invite you on this missional journey with us, as we seek God’s spirit and ask the important question, “What is God asking of the church today, as we serve in this time of change?”

On the Resources page, you will be offered a wide variety of changing information and links to help you decipher your missional journey.

Why not start right now by linking to an extended definition of missional church?