American Baptist COVID-19 Memorial Wall

American Baptist Home Mission Societies joins with many faith leaders across our nation who are pausing to consciously lament and mourn the loss of life due to the novel Coronavirus. All our lives have been impacted by this epidemic. We have lost loved ones. We are vulnerable and afraid.

We honor the legacies of those who have died.

We pray for the families, loved ones and friends of those who have died.

We pray for all those who have been infected with COVID-19 and have been fortunate to survive or are currently struggling to recover.

We pray for all whose fortunes, futures, dreams and noble plans have been derailed, disrupted or devastated by the pandemic.

We pray for neighborhoods, communities, cities and states that are in distress. We pray for wisdom for the government officials who are in charge.  

We pray for workers in healthcare, public health, public safety, public works and essential workers in multiple industries who continue working and saving lives during this pandemic.

As the pandemic is ongoing across our nation and globally, we pray fervently to God for divine intervention, healing, recovery and shalom. Prayers abound as we confront all forms of injustice, hurt, loss and depravity in our world.

God in your mercy…

Here, we pay tribute to American Baptists who have died as a result of COVID-19.
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Thomas E. Evans Sr. of Detroit. We honor the life of our brother and founding member of St. Luke Tabernacle Community Church. He was a prolific and gifted musician who kept his promise to only play for the Lord. Heaven has received yet another faithful servant to rest. 

Stephen Farkas of Somerset, N.J.. When he was first out of college, Steve coached one of the first racially integrated track teams in the area, and he insisted on fully equal interactions, on and off the track.

Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Ford of Irvington, N.J. Thank you for teaching our family about the Lord through your Sunday sermon. Your love and compassion will be missed. Rest in peace.

Deborah Foster of Hillside, N.J.  A faithful servant of the Lord’s church, a wonderful wife, mother, friend, and mentor to so many. Her loving presence will be missed by so many near and far.

Mr. Mansfield Harrison of Newark, N.J., was the lead singer in the male choir at Zion Baptist Church. He was a true man of God, a wonderful friend and a supportive Godfather.

Vicente Lim of East Elmhurst, N.Y. He was a man of the people– a man who stood by his family throughout. He was a man who believed in sharing and caring.

Teresa Maung of Bedford, Mass., tell us all about your feelings and thoughts when we meet again. We thank God for letting us love you and take care of you in this world.

Ms. Augulia St. Juste of Brooklyn, N.Y.  She was a strong, independent, generous soul who loved everyone and walked by faith.
Eileen Taylor of Brick, N.J. Lord, now let your servant depart in peace.
Mrs. Barbara Williams of Ewing, N.J.  A loyal and devoted child of God, who faithfully served the ministry as an active usher and member of other supportive ministries, such as the scholarship committee.