Calling an American Baptist minister

“Calling an American Baptist Minister” is used by many churches entering the process of searching for new ministerial leadership. In 2004, this 50-year-old resource was completely revised and rewritten by the Rev. Mary L. Mild, now retired from American Baptist Home Mission Societies. ABPS has made this crucially valuable resource available through Judson Press since 2005. Last year we added a CD version. To order a copy or copies (both print and CD versions) for your search committee, call 1.800.4Judson.

The original ABPS document, “Church Reflections,” is incorporated in the new resource, “Calling an American Baptist Minister.” However, if your committee would like to use only the “Church Reflections” portion to prepare for an ABPS search, we have provided Web-based versions, primarily for area ministers and search committees. However, congregations will find many aspects of this document useful as they seek to strengthen their ministries. Download the entire document and select the page(s) you need.