American Baptist Personnel Services supports churches and ministry professional searching for one other

A computer-based, data-storage-and-retrieval system, American Baptist Personnel Services (ABPS) produces personnel profiles to assist professionally trained ministry leaders who seek new opportunities to serve local congregations and denominational entities. ABPS also provides resources that enable local congregations to identify mission and leadership needs.

ABPS is now a part of a new digital platform called ministrElife, custom-built at the direction of American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS). All ministerial leaders, both lay and clergy, are encouraged to enroll in ministrElife and complete an ABPS profile.

Standing fully in the spirit of ABHMS, ABPS provides useful information—shared openly and without bias—that supports congregations developing Christ-centered leaders, equipping disciples and healing their neighborhoods and communities. ABPS is committed to ABHMS’ values of integrity, stewardship, diversity, collaboration and teamwork.

ABPS works in partnership with ABCUSA regions to assist local church search committees by retrieving profiles of ministry professionals with the skills and experiences needed by the church.

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Jill Duroseau
Rev. Erica Van Brakle, National Coordinator, ABPS & ministrElife