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Our Staff

Each member of the ABHMS team has an extraordinary sense of purpose, answering God’s call to live out Christian faith and transform individuals, congregations and communities through developing Christ-centered leaders, networks and programs committed to discipleship, mission and social justice advocacy across the United States and Puerto Rico.

Office of the Executive Director

Dr. Jeffrey Haggray

Dr. Jeffrey Haggray

Executive Director

Rev. Rothangliani R. Chhangte

Senior Associate for Grants, Partnerships & Strategy

Felecia J. Mitchell

Executive Assistant

Julie Thomas

Paralegal & Administrative Associate

Raquel Perez, Administrative Assistant 

ABPS – ministrElife

Rev. Erica Van Brakle


Rev. Megan Biddle

National Coordinator, ABPS - ministrElife

Center for Continuous Learning
& Discipleship Ministries

Rev. Rebecca Irwin-Diehl

Director of the Center for Continuous Learning

Rev. Cassandra D. Carkuff Williams, Ed.D.

Director of Discipleship Ministries

Rev. Dr. Eddie Cruz

National Coordinator, Congregational Mission & Discipleship

Dr. Jeffrey A. Johnson

National Coordinator, Evangelism & Discipleship

Rev. Dr. Christine Roush

National Coordinator, Faith Formation & Discipleship

Jennifer L. Sanborn

National Coordinator, In Support of Excellence Initiative

Leda Carter, Program Associate

Raquel Perez, Program Associate

Healing & Transforming Communities

Rev. Lisa Harris Lee


Rev. Dr. Kadia A. Edwards

National Coordinator, Volunteer Mobilization & Disaster Ministries

Rev. Brittany Graves

National Coordinator, Public Witness & Advocacy

Curtis Ramsey-Lucas

Editor, The Christian Citizen

Beverly Allegretti, Program Associate

Intercultural Ministries

Rev. Salvador Orellana

Director & National Coordinator, Latino Ministries

Abigail Medina Betancourt

Intercultural Ministries Specialist

Rev. Florence Li

National Coordinator, Asian Ministries

Dr. Alonzo B. Patterson Jr

Director, Alaska Ministries

Rev. Benjamin T. Sullivan

National Coordinator, Native American Ministries

Tina Harp, Program Associate

Julie Thomas, Administrative Associate

Judson Press

Rev. Dr. Cheryl Price


Rev. Dr. Rachael Lawrence

Senior Editor

Loretta Beach, Customer Engagement & Sales Specialist

Lisa Blair, Editorial & Production Coordinator

Ingrid Dvirnak, Secret Place Editor

Shelby Haggray, Journeys Editor

Linda Huff-Paul, Publishing Associate

Becky McDaniel, Secret Place Managing & Production

Gale Tull, Marketing Associate

Tammy Tull, Customer Engagement & Sales Specialist

Leadership Empowerment

Rev. Lauren L. Ng


Rev. Dr. Patricia Murphy

Ecclesiastical Endorser & National Coordinator, Chaplaincy and Specialized Ministries

Ouleye Ndoye

National Coordinator, Emerging Leaders, Students & Scholarships Program

Agnes Lamin, Program Associate

Carolyn Majeed, Scholarships, Grants and Special Programs Associate

Sarah Thomas, Program Associate

Mission Support Units

Communications & Marketing

Susan Gottshall


Danny Ellison

Creative Director

Nadine Hasenecz

Senior Writer

Linda Johnson-LeBlanc

Associate Director of Marketing

Sue Peterman, Administrative Coordinator


Vincent W. Dent Sr.

Chief Development Officer

Monique Sadler-Taylor

Director, Annual Fund

Kim Wilkins, Development Coordinator

Financial Services

Michaele D. Birdsall, CPA

Deputy Executive Director & Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer

Tondolayo T. Duncan

Financial Services Associate and Office Manager

Gina Haas

Senior Accountant, Investments

Alma Hazboun


Dave L. Moore Jr.

Director of Investments

Mina Ajiboye, Senior Accountant, Payroll

David Bolles, Facilities Coordinator

Jen Dulude, Staff Accountant, Account Payable

Michelle Jones, Staff Accountant, Accounts Receivable/Collections

Human Resources & HR Matters

Laura Miraz, Ph.D, SPHR

Director & Liaison to the Board of Directors

Joy Liggett

Human Resources Coordinator




Valoria L. Cheek, Esq.

General Counsel

Julie Thomas, Paralegal & Administrative Associate

Technology Management

Saeed Richardson


Mary-Anne Walker

IT Support Services Associate

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