American Baptist Home Mission Societies

Christine Roush

The Rev. Dr. Christine Roush is invested in her ministry as associate director of Discipleship for American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS) because she wholeheartedly believes that, when organizations and individuals collaborate, they can accomplish so much more than they can accomplish alone.

“The world is in desperate need of Jesus,” she says. “And we can serve more effectively as His hands and feet when we work together.”

ABHMS’ aligned action networks, Roush explains, are designed to serve the priorities of people and churches in the geographical areas where the networks are formed. This grassroots approach ensures that solutions to challenges have the greatest potential for impact because the solutions are being driven by those who are living and working in that particular geographical area. Networks help individuals in the mission they care most about by connecting them with resources and partners who can help them succeed.

“I want to create connections at the grassroots level that have the capacity to impact our communities with positive change,” she says. “We can make a difference in everything from poverty to discipleship, if we begin to work together and share our best practices and resources. I want to be a part of bringing people together and creating networks to achieve ABHMS’ mission priorities of cultivating leaders, equipping disciples and transforming communities.”


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