Groundswell for racial justice

I look up to the mountains… . My strength comes from God who made heaven and earth and mountains.

— Psalm 121: 1-2 (MSG)


In the aftermath of the violence that is unraveling our communities, the board and staff of American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS) lament and prayerfully seek to identify ways to give voice to hope in the face of the palpable anger, pain and fear many are feeling. We desire to offer words of comfort, hope and concrete constructive action to heal and renew our spirits as we continue the work toward justice for all. We all have a sense of loss and questions about our safety in varying degrees. No one should ever feel that his or her life is valued less than another. Violence in response to violence is never the answer.


As a diverse body of believers, American Baptists look to our history, which reminds us that we believe the Gospel is the driving force in matters of justice and is central to healing and constructive action. What affects one group affects us all. We cannot remain silent and inactive in the face of injustice and inequality. We must confront the issues at the core of the violence, including racism, fear, distrust and the disparities in the economic and criminal justice systems. These issues must be brought to light and discussed in the hope of progressing from courageous conversation to courageous action.


Therefore, we invited an interracial group of American Baptist faith leaders to help launch American Baptist discussion.


Photo credit: M H