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American Baptist Home Mission Societies supported the following 2016 Chin Baptist Churches USA (CBCUSA) events:


 CBCUSA youth conferenceChin Baptist Youth Conference Pic 1 for web

 More than 500 youth and young adults—most under age 21—attended Chin Baptist Churches USA’s youth conference July 2-5 at Bethel College, Mishawaka, Wis.

 The event allowed future church leaders to share with each other and address contemporary issues in small group settings. Workshops focused on addiction, depression, social norms, discrimination and Jesus’ love.

 “Evening worship included drama, testimonial sharing and contemporary music,” said Pastor Ronald C. Nunuk, ABHMS coordinator for Chin Ministries. “The event empowered, encouraged and engaged participants.”


CBCUSA women’s conferenceChin Baptist Womens Conference July 2016 Pic 3 for web

 Human rights, women in leadership roles and female empowerment were among the workshops offered at Chin Baptist Churches USA’s women’s conference July 2-4 at Jacksonville (Fla.) Chin Baptist Church.

 Participants discussed ways in which women can become more effective in the community and among the young generation.

 “They challenged the cultural thinking of women as simply homemakers,” said Pastor Ronald C. Nunuk, ABHMS coordinator for Chin Ministries. “They are preparing to become leaders in the church and community.”

 More than 400 women from across the United States participated.



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