Rizpah’s Children

Rizpah’s Children is a growing national strategic network of organizations whose mission and vision demonstrate a passion around childhood poverty. Connected as partners by American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS), network members seek to radically improve the wellness of children physically, emotionally, spiritually and educationally through long-term, measurable justice-related ministries.

Named for the Bible’s Rizpah—a woman who kept the slain bodies of seven children safe from birds and beasts for months on a mountaintop (2nd Samuel 21: 1-10)—Rizpah’s Children seeks to exponentially increase the impact of its members’ ministries, based on the foundational belief that more can be accomplished collectively than each organization could achieve alone.

Rizpah’s Children partners identify the needs of impoverished children in their communities, and then connect various organizations to provide wraparound services and ministries that bring God’s healing love to not only the children but also their families.

While these agencies and organizations operate independently of each other, they collaborate through the network in communications, promotion, strategizing, practice and funding. ABHMS walks alongside Rizpah’s Children partners by:

  • connecting faith-based, educational, governmental, grassroots and business organizations as an amplified voice to bring awareness to the problem of childhood poverty; to allow those embarking on similar goals to share ideas, work processes and successes; and to shine a light on efforts that can be emulated as models elsewhere in the nation; and
  • cultivating the partner relationship through a national platform that provides forums for sharing knowledge; leading webinars; participating in continuing education programs; writing for national publications, such as The Christian Citizen; offering workshops at national gatherings; and pursuing funding opportunities;

By connecting and cultivating, Rizpah’s Children seeks to radically change the condition of children in poverty nationally through justice-related efforts.

Throughout the last decade, ABHMS has continued its steadfast commitment to children through the Penny Project, Justice for Children grants, volunteer efforts and community outreach ministries. By establishing the network of Rizpah’s Children partners, ABHMS puts new emphasis on its 2006 vision of a stronger prophetic witness for “the least of these.” Today Rizpah’s Children partners carry on that witness as they work to deliver on the promise of obliterating the negative influences that keep children from reaching their God-given potential for full and fulfilling lives.

For more information about Rizpah’s Children, contact the Rev. Lisa R. Harris Lee, director of Healing & Transforming Ministries, at 610.768.2016 or Beverly Allegretti, administrative assistant, at 610.768.2422.

Bob Burdette Center, Inc.
1401 Washington St., West
Charleston, WV 25387
Executive Director: Sarah Buckalew
Program Director: Erin Martin
Cameron Community Ministries
48 Cameron St.
Rochester, NY 14606
Executive Director: Jennifer Muniga
Edna Martin Christian Center
2605 E 25th St.
Indianapolis , IN 46218
President & CEO: Barato Britt
Friendship House of Christian Service
3123 Eighth Ave., South
Billings , MT 59101
Executive Director: Matt Lundgren
Global Health Connections International
PO Box 80234
Raleigh, NC 27623
President & CEO: Enrico Copeland
JOYA Scholars
PO Box 1457
Fullerton, CA 92836
Executive Director: Christian Esteban
Neighborhoods Focused on African-American Youth, Inc.
995 Roswall St.
Marietta, GA 30060
Executive Director: Cheryl Bursh
Preston Taylor Ministries
1205 8th Ave., S
Nashville, TN 37203
Executive Director: Chan Sheppard
Salama Urban Ministries
4014 Indiana Ave.
Nashville, TN 37209
CEO: Dawana Wade
Somerset Academy Early Learning Center
719 W Girard Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19123
Executive Director: Barbara Chavous-Pennock
The Youth Enrichment Program of Greater Cleveland
c/o The Cleveland Baptist Association
12200 Fairhill Ave., Room C440
Cleveland, OH 44120
Executive Director: Rev. Yvonne Carter