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American Baptist Home Mission Societies Scholarships for Students


American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS) is committed to providing and supporting educational opportunities that enable and empower American Baptist students and ministerial leaders to grow personally and professionally.

ABHMS’ Scholarship Program offers tuition scholarships to American Baptist students enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, and seminary programs. Funding is provided by investment income from endowments donated by generous individuals, churches, and organizations committed to educational opportunities. Applications are accepted from January 15-April 15, 2023. 

Sixteen colleges and universities and 10 seminaries and theological schools across the United States and Puerto Rico are related to American Baptist Churches USA.

American Baptist seminarians are encouraged to register with ABHMS to receive information about scholarship opportunities and invitations to professional development events, such as Orientation to American Baptist Life.

Important notes: As of May 2021, all ABHMS scholarships now use the same common application and follow the same calendar year cycle. This includes:

  • Continuing Education Grant
  • Cultivating New Life
  • Seminarian Continuing Education Grants
  • Sabbatical/Study Leave Grants (minimum one month)
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