Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ministry Opportunities online service?
The Ministry Opportunities (MO) online service lists the available ministry opportunities within ABC as reported by American Baptist regions and other national and ecumenical organizations. Each posting provides information about the church, or organization, and the community in which the position is located, as well as any additional information provided by the region, such as a church’s Web site. Currently the online MO service reports more than half of the known vacancies in churches having at least 100 resident members, while also listing, when reported, churches of smaller size.

Who can subscribe to the Ministry Opportunities service?
If you are listed in the Professional Registry of the American Baptist Churches, and/or have a current American Baptist Personnel Services Profile, you are eligible to subscribe to the Ministry Opportunities service. Ministerial leaders that do not meet either of the above criteria may contact their Executive Minister to obtain written approval. Contact information may be found by clicking on the following link: American Baptist Regions List.

How can I check to see if I am listed in the Professional Registry?
Please contact your region office. Regional contact information can be found by clicking on the following link: American Baptist Regions List.

How can I get a subscription to the Ministry Opportunities online service?
There are several ways to subscribe. You can subscribe online by clicking on the following link: Subscribe. If you prefer, you can send your request via email to [email protected] or by telephoning the ABPS/MO office at 1.800.222.3872, extension 2488.

Is there a subscription fee?
The yearly, online subscription is available at no charge to subscribers.

I just subscribed online. What happens now?
The ABPS/MO office will now determine your eligibility. If you are eligible, you will be sent instructions on how to create your Web account and an internet link.

This is the first time I’ve used the online service. What do I do?
First you must make sure that cookies are enabled in your browser as without them, you will not be able to use this site. If you are a current subscriber who has never used the online service, you will first need to create your online Web account. Click on the following link: Create my Web account. Follow the prompts, making sure to use the email address at which you have received MO correspondence in the past. Once you have created an account, you will simply need to click on the Subscriber Login option on the MO Home page and follow the prompts to access the MO in the future.

Help! I can’t seem to log into my online MO account. What should I do?
If this is the first time you are accessing the MO online, please click here to create an account. If you have already created a Web account, check to make sure that you have entered the correct email address and password. If you are trying to access the MO from a computer that you have not used before, please make sure that cookies are enabled in your browser. If you have correctly entered all the information requested and are still experiencing technical problems with the MO site, please contact the ABPS/MO office at 1.800.222.3872, extension 2429, or send an email to [email protected].

Do I need to logout after each session?
The cookies created when you access your online account expire when you close your browser or when you logout using the Logout option featured on the MO home page menu bar. ABPS/MO recommends that you use this feature to logout of your MO Web account if you are using a computer with open access to the public, such as those found in seminary libraries. Logging out will ensure that anyone using the computer after you does not have access to your online account and subscription.

How often are new positions added?
New positions are added on a rolling basis and as they are reported to ABPS/MO by the regions. Once an open position is reported to ABPS/MO by the region and approved for posting, it will appear online within three business days.

Is there a charge for listing a position on the MO online service?
There is no charge. Once approved, employment opportunities are listed free of charge until they are filled or removed by request of the employer. If you are interested in listing a position online, please send an email containing all pertinent job-related information to [email protected].

What do I do if I see a position that interests me?
All inquiries regarding positions listed online are to be addressed to the listed contact person. “Contact Persons” are listed on the details page of each posting. Further address and contact information can be found online in the American Baptist Regions List and the Area Minister Directory. Please keep in mind that anyone contacting a church directly is subject to having their subscription terminated.

What are the restrictions on use of information listed online?
All the information contained in the online listing is confidential and limited to the subscriber’s use only. Please do not share your log-in username and password with anyone.

Does ABPS offer scholarship assistance?
The American Baptist Home Mission Societies does administer a financial aid program that supports qualified American Baptist college students, seminarians and ministerial leaders with educational scholarships and grants. For more information, please click on the following link: Financial Aid