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Rev. Cassandra D. Carkuff Williams, Ed.D.

As director for Discipleship Ministries, the Rev. Cassandra D. (“Casey”) Carkuff Williams, Ed.D., works with a team of colleagues to develop events, workshops and other resources that are biblically grounded and educationally sound.

“Our churches are diverse. That’s one of our greatest strengths,” says Williams. “It also presents a challenge, as we try to identify and develop resources that meet the needs of our partners.

“Our goal,” she continues, “is to encourage an understanding of discipleship as identity—all the ways in which we live out faith in Jesus—and of discipleship-formation as all the ways in which that identity is formed throughout the entire life of the Christian church. We are committed to fostering these broad understandings among our partners. We are also deeply committed to promoting child-friendly faith-formation practices.”

Williams is an author and contributor to several books and journals. Her popular book “Learning the Way: Reclaiming Wisdom from the Earliest Christian Communities” reveals her commitment to Christian discipleship that encompasses all of life and is formed throughout the church’s life.

“Our job at the national level,” she says, “is to support local churches, as they work to share the gospel and transform the world through mature followers of Christ.”


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