Ouleye Ndoye

American Baptist Home Mission Societies’ (ABHMS) national coordinator for Emerging Leaders and Scholarship Programs, Ouleye Ndoye understands the importance of scholarships, as her own life has been shaped by many scholarships and fellowships that have made her education, studies and work abroad possible.

“It is an incredible blessing to now have the ability to facilitate this gift for others,” she says.

She is motivated by the opportunity to provide scholarship and grant opportunities to young scholars as well as more seasoned leaders, thereby broadening their scope of experience and providing them with a network of peers across disciplines and geographies.

Because peers are often the greatest facilitators of exposure to new ideas, she seeks to create cohorts that will connect ABHMS scholarship recipients with each other.

“I envision an ABHMS cohort model that opens doors by creating a space for idea sharing, exposing us all to new ways of approaching the world,” she says.


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