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Diane Sypherd

As acting director of American Baptist Personnel Services (ABPS), Diane Sypherd is responsible for the database storage-and-retrieval ministry that serves the denomination by matching employment-seeking ministry professionals with churches and ministry organizations striving to fill available ministerial positions.

ABPS allows professional individuals to create and maintain up-to-date personnel profiles. In addition, ABPS publishes “Ministry Opportunities,” an online list of employment opportunities reported by regional and national units of American Baptist Churches USA. In 2014, ABPS became more user-friendly by instituting online enrollment and updating capabilities, eliminating the need for users to complete 10-15 pages of written paperwork.

“This is my ministry. I enjoy helping our professional leaders with their profiles and regional staff with ways to search the database to retrieve the names to present to their search committees,” she says. “It is fulfilling when we hear that a professional leader has been called to a new position because of participating in the ABPS system.”


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