Danny Ellison

As creative designer for American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS), Danny Ellison says he finds it personally rewarding to design a plethora of products, including magazines, brochures, newsletters, conference displays, bulletin inserts, Web pages, special projects and various other mission-support materials.

In this competitive information age, it can be challenging to find creative ways to convey ABHMS’ story, while maintaining the organization’s professionalism and integrity.

“The ultimate goal is to communicate the mission of American Baptist Home Mission Societies,” he says. “The design and layout of each piece should support a message that is clear and consistent with the organization’s overall vision for mission service.”

Looking to the future, Ellison sees increasing opportunities for communicating home mission endeavors.

“More and more people are using technology,” he notes. “And that has become an excellent method for spreading the mission message.”


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