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Rev. Sarah E. Strosahl-Kagi

The Rev. Sarah E. Strosahl-Kagi’s understanding of, dedication to and membership in the American Baptist emerging leaders population make her uniquely qualified to serve as director of American Baptist Home Mission Societies’ Emerging Leaders and Scholarship Program.

Many emerging leaders are seeking guidance in navigating the intersection of faith, passion and work, Strosahl-Kagi says, and she feels privileged to assist them and provide the resources they need.

“The current generation of emerging leaders is passionate, creative and active,” she says. “And I’m excited to be in a position to help cultivate that passion and creativity and to walk alongside emerging leaders, as they discern, grow and transform our churches and our world.”

Just as she was mentored, Strosahl-Kagi hopes to provide the blessing of mentorship to others at this critical juncture in their lives.

“As part of this generation of emerging leaders, I understand the desire to be grounded in faith and active in the world,” she says. “I was fortunate to have mentors in my journey who connected me with the people and resources I needed to discern and pursue my call, and who cultivated within me a deep spirituality and passionate leadership.”


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