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Give today to Irma and Harvey relief!

Contributions to the One Great Hour of Sharing hurricane relief appeals will provide funds for rebuilding homes, churches and lives of survivors of Irma and Harvey for months to come. Relief is urgently needed. PLEASE give generously.

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In Support of Excellence

Imagine sacrificially serving your church for 30 years, yet having such inadequate retirement savings that you and your spouse have no other choice but to eat cat food twice weekly. Many American Baptist pastors are suffering in silence, woefully undercompensated and squeezed by crushing debt. The Lilly Foundation-funded “In Support of Excellence” (ISOE) initiative is committed to supporting pastors by equipping them and their lay leaders with financial management best practices, leadership coaching, self-care strategies, targeted relief from economic distress and seed funds to incubate new ministry models.

Additional information regarding ISOE’s three-year pilot program can be found on the “Frequently Asked Questions” page.

Your contribution to the “In Support of Excellence” initiative helps to alleviate stress on many financially uncertain American Baptist pastors. Your financial gift will sustain financial literacy training and help to establish a direct financial assistance fund to aid pastoral leaders and their families.

Chaplaincy and Specialized Ministries

When U.S. military personnel are deployed in combat zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan, American Baptist-endorsed chaplains meet their spiritual needs—praying and worshipping with them, counseling them in the bleakest moments and, sometimes, baptizing them—regardless of their religious affiliation. Across communities in the United States and Puerto Rico, hospital chaplains meet patients and family members in emergency rooms when serious health issues or accidents have jeopardized the equilibrium of their lives. Inside prisons, American Baptist chaplains bring God’s love to those locked away from the pulse of daily life. And in therapeutic settings throughout the United States, pastoral counselors offer comfort to those struggling with depression, suicide, divorce and spiritual desolation.

Your gift to ABHMS’ Chaplaincy and Pastoral Counseling Ministries ensures that the 600-plus chaplains and pastoral counselors—endorsed by American Baptist Churches USA through ABHMS—continue to share the healing words and presence of God’s love at critical moments along the life journey.

Prisoner Re-entry and Aftercare     Ministries

Out of a U.S. prison population totaling in the millions, upwards of 1,500 offenders are released daily.

Where do these individuals go? Do they find welcoming, open doors that offer opportunities to start over? ABHMS’ Prisoner Re-entry National Network—which includes prison chaplains, local pastors and lay leaders, along with re-entry organization leaders across the country—supports organizations and individuals working to help ex-offenders build new lives for themselves by providing guides and resources focusing on launching and managing healing re-entry ministries.

Your contributions to this ministry ensure that these important re-entry resources are available to churches and organizations committed to helping ex-offenders, so often forgotten by mainstream society.

Missional Church Learning Experience

Five decades ago, eight out of 10 Americans went to Christian worship on Sunday mornings. Today, fewer than two out of 10 Americans attend worship on an average Sunday. As Christians, we believe that the gospel message of Jesus is good news for every era, and we know that the church has adjusted to every new challenge in each new generation. How will the church respond to today’s challenge?

ABHMS’ Missional Church Learning Experience (MCLE) guides congregations through a process that explores what God is saying to the church today, seeking to answer the question, “How can we best fit with God’s mission in our rapidly changing culture?” Each congregation, part of a cluster of churches formed in an American Baptist region, creates a mission team that’s trained in basic missional church principles, learning to build ministry that meets community needs, then designing and implementing a small community project. These projects are changing the world.

Your support of this ministry ensures that more and more churches have access to this program, so they can bring more ministries and more change and healing to their neighborhoods and communities.

Asian Ministries

ABHMS’ Asian Ministries ministers to American Baptist Churches USA’s more than 130 Asian-American Baptist churches, congregations and fellowship groups. More than 18 different languages and dialects are spoken among these groups—one of the most culturally rich and ethnically diverse groups of churches within the denomination.

This ABHMS ministry provides the Asian American Baptist community with pastoral and lay leadership development, recruitment of professional ministry leaders, resource development, scholarships for theological and higher education, and bridge-building and networking among language groups as well as support for Asian women in ministry and more.

Your gift in support of Asian Ministries ensures that ABHMS services and resources will continue to enrich the discipleship and leadership of these ethnically diverse American Baptist groups.

Latino Ministries

Ministry in the Latino community has been an integral part of ABHMS since its first missionary work in Puerto Rico in 1899 and the planting of the first mission church in Santa Barbara, Calif., in 1901. Today, one in six Americans is Latino, according to the Census Bureau; by 2050, it’s expected this group will approach one-third of the total U.S. population.

American Baptist congregations deal with the social and economic issues faced by Latinos in this country, namely unemployment and underemployment, bleak educational outcomes, youth violence and gangs, and single-parent households. Many Latinos speak mostly Spanish, so ministry must respond to bilingual, bicultural needs.

To support the American Baptist Latino community, ABHMS’ Latino Ministries provides denominational resources in Spanish, recruitment of professional ministry leaders, leadership development, youth empowerment and church renewal and growth resources as well as theological education scholarships and theological education with a Hispanic track in American Baptist-related institutions.

Your gift to Latino Ministries ensures that this growing segment of the U.S. population will continue to receive the support needed to strengthen its congregations for dealing with the myriad issues they face.

Evangelism Ministries

Evangelism introduces an individual to a personal relationship with Christ—emphasizing its lifelong commitment to a journey that ultimately results in eternal blessings and benefits, but also has much to offer right here and now. Since evangelism is the first step in disciple making, winning souls for Christ means not just eliciting decisions, but equipping disciples to show God’s love in the way they live their lives day in and day out.

With both its temporal and eternal dimensions, evangelism must be prophetic and speak to the human condition in the here and now, as well as to the human condition and its relevance to the hereafter. Evangelism challenges the soul, and changes society, too.

Your gift to ABHMS’ evangelism ministry ensures the development of resources that invite individuals into relationship with Christ and provide the tools they need to grow into discipleship that infuses congregations and communities with God’s healing grace and love.

Volunteer Mobilization Ministries

Since 2010, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has declared 311 major disasters in the United States. ABHMS’ Volunteer Mobilization Ministries has responded by facilitating individual volunteer missionary appointments, summer service opportunities, group mission experiences and specialized service projects. Hundreds of volunteers, through ABHMS, have logged hundreds of hours in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward—still healing from hurricanes Katrina and Rita—helping residents recover their properties and move back into their homes years after the devastation. Volunteer efforts have also focused on New Jersey, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, and other locations across the country hit by flooding, tornadoes and other devastating weather events.

Your gift to Volunteer Mobilization Ministries ensures that ABHMS can continue to sponsor, organize and facilitate healing volunteer efforts across the United States and Puerto Rico.

For more information about supporting the many ministries of ABHMS, contact the Rev. Dr. Eddie Cruz, associate executive director, Mission Advancement, at [email protected] or 800.222.3872, x2423.