Passionary movement

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things for Christ

Passionaries exhibit and extend the grace of God with everyone, everywhere, by embracing the whole Gospel, answering the call to grow in discipleship and working for justice. Passionaries are ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

These faithful Christians promise to focus each day on following Jesus, incarnating God’s grace and loving others as God would love them. As part of their spiritual journeys, passionaries rely on the Holy Spirit to resist the pull of popular culture, asking these three questions daily:

  • How shall I follow Jesus today?
  • How can I demonstrate Jesus’ love and justice today?
  • How can I play my part in practicing the perseverance of Christ, right here, right now?

Passionaries pursue justice fervently and cultivate the Beloved Community by practicing radical acts of hospitality, welcoming the stranger and cultivating compassion.

Becoming a passionary is a journey with many forks in the road, but the common path is living a life filled with passion for answering God’s call to incarnate Christ’s presence in the world with depth, love and service.

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