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Marcia Jessen

Marcia Jessen has a vision for her work as curriculum editor at Judson Press: “Recognizing the importance of Bible study in transforming lives, I want to improve the quality of ‘Journeys’ [Judson Bible Journeys for Adults], so that the adults who use it will come away from class feeling they’ve learned something new and exciting about the Bible. I want to provide leaders with the best possible teaching resource.”

As she reads and edits the lessons, she is constantly learning more about Bible stories and gaining a better understanding of Scripture—just one benefit of doing her kind of work for a faith-based organization, she says.

Jessen’s work has meaning for her not only because it is related to her faith but also because it focuses on American Baptists specifically. Journeys is written by American Baptists for American Baptists. Consequently, in addition to being a Bible study, Journeys lifts up American Baptist beliefs and history.


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